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By Jeremy Schiffres, Daily and Sunday Freeman, Kingston, N.Y.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Speech

Here, in chronological order, is what Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin told us during her speech Wednesday night at the party’s national convention in St. Paul, Minn.:

* She’s proud to be John McCain’s running mate.
* She loves her kids.
* Her eldest son and her nephew are in the military, and she’s proud of them.
* She'll be an advocate for special-needs children. (Not mentioned: She cut funding for special-needs children in Alaska by more than 60 percent.)
* Her husband is a hard-working guy, and she loves him.
* She loves her parents.
* Women today have more opportunities than they did at any time in the past.
* Harry Truman was a good president.
* She’s from a small town, is a “hockey mom” and used to be a member of the PTA.
* She served as a councilwoman in Wasilla, Alaska, then became the city’s mayor, then became governor of Alaska.
* Barack Obama would be a bad president.
* Reporters are bad people because they pick on her.
* People must have certain principles to be in politics and government.
* She has helped eliminate wasteful spending in Alasaka. (Money for special-needs children is wasteful spending?)
* John McCain is a great guy.
* She opposed federal earmarks for Alaska’s infamous “bridge to nowhere" project. (An outright lie.)
* Alaska has an oil pipeline.
* The United States can start reducing its dependence on foreign energy sources by drilling for oil on Alaska’s Northern Slope (something McCain opposes).
* Barack Obama would be a bad president.
* Terrorists are plotting to kill us.
* Barack Obama’s tax plan would hurt hard-working Americans.
* Her sister and brother-in-law own a gas station – making them hard-working Americans who would be hurt by Barcak Obama’s tax plan.
* Congress sucks.
* John McCain is a great guy.
* John McCain is qualified to be president because he fought in the Vietnam War, was tortured as a war prisoner and lived to tell about it.
* “Evil” is lurking in the world.
* Some POW from Ohio is a great guy.
* We all should vote for John McCain.

She left out only one thing: an explanation of what qualifies her to be vice president (and perhaps president) of the United States of America.

Nice speech. But completely unpersuasive.



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