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By Jeremy Schiffres, Daily and Sunday Freeman, Kingston, N.Y.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

That was the day that was

A few notes from Saturday:
* Kudos to the Relay For Life participants (and not just my wife, son and the Freeman team). A lot of hearty souls braved the rain to stay true to their cause, and they didn't let the weather dampen their spirits.
* To the guy who e-mailed me in the newsroom in the afternoon, wondering why we didn't have anything on our Web site about a man being found dead on a baseball field in New Paltz, I'd urge you to check more often for breaking local stories. When something is hitting the fan around here, we'll post at least a short story as soon as we have reliable facts. In the case of the New Paltz death, we had a story at the top of our home page by 12:30 p.m., long before your e-mail arrived.
* It was great to have our Internet service back at the Freeman. As you may know from reading our publisher's blog, we were without a Web connection from late morning on Friday until 6 a.m. Saturday due to a service outage near our corporate HQ in the Philly area. It would have been easier to go without food and water.
* The Sabres got bounced out of the NHL playoffs by the Senators this afternoon. So please, for the time being, ignore that line in my "About Me" profile that says I enjoy talking about Buffalo-area sports teams. Today, I enjoy no such thing.
* Lastly, a personal note to 'David in DC,' who posted a response to my previous item: Nice to hear from you by way of this very 21st-century medium, but some days, I'd rather be back in the hallway outside the choir room at Brighton High School in 1980, listening to you play 'The Rainbow Connection' and Tom Lehrer's 'Irish Ballad' on your guitar.



Blogger David in DC said...

Me too. :)

May 20, 2007 at 11:39 AM 

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