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By Jeremy Schiffres, Daily and Sunday Freeman, Kingston, N.Y.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Things I don't care about (but am forced to pay attention to because I'm in the news business):

* Maureen "Marcia" McCormick's drug use, sexual promiscuity and eating disorders in her post-"Brady Bunch" years. (A child actress gone bad? And now she's hawking a book about it? Say it isn't so!)

* Madonna's divorce from filmmaker Guy Ritchie. (A celebrity split? Say it isn't so!)

* The Caylee Anthony case. Is it tragic that a 3-year-old girl is missing and probably dead, and that her mother has been charged with killing her? Of course. But I lost all interest in the story as soon as Nancy Grace started screeching about it for at least an hour every single night on Headline News.

* Joe the Plumber - who, it turns out, is actually named Samuel and doesn't have a plumbing license.

* William Ayers - unless someone can explain to me how Barack Obama once sitting on a school reform committee with a guy who carried out violent acts nearly 40 years earlier is relevant to the current presidential election.

* College football.

* Pro basketball.

* "American Idol" (and all other reality and competition TV shows).

* The debate over whether New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg should be allowed to run for a third term.

And, last but not least ...

* Whether or not you enjoyed this blog entry.



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