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By Jeremy Schiffres, Daily and Sunday Freeman, Kingston, N.Y.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Post-vacation observations

Upon returning from a weeklong vacation on Cape Cod, it’s worth noting:

* The weather during our trip was generally pleasant, but the forecasters out there should be fired. It was sunny when they said it would be cloudy; it was cloudy when then said it would be sunny; when they predicted rain, none came; and the one rainfall that we did have wasn’t predicted. What’s the point of telling people what the weather will be if you’re going to be wrong most of the time?

* I’m pleasantly surprised to see gas prices have fallen several cents in the Kingston area. The station closest to my house is down to $2.83 per gallon. It’s worth pointing out, though, that the service areas we passed Sunday afternoon on the Massachusetts Turnpike were charging about $2.70.

* I’m unpleasantly surprised to see campaign signs have begun to sprout like weeds on local lawns. First of all, it’s way too early -- the election is still 10 weeks away, for heaven’s sake! More importantly, though, do these signs serve any purpose, other than to pollute the landscape? I mean I truly doubt voters are swayed to pick a candidate simply because they see the person’s name on a lawn sign. Or, if people do cast their votes based on lawn signs, perhaps they should rethink whether they have the intellectual capacity to vote at all.

* Checking the Freeman’s Web site a couple of times while on Cape Cod, I noticed that both Publisher Ira Fusfeld and Sports Editor Ron Rosner complained in their blogs about the Angels’ continued dominance of the Yankees. Sorry, but as long-suffering fan of the Angels (who have won a grand total of one World Series in their 47 years of existence), I find it hard to shed any tears for the Bombers and their 26 World Series titles. You can’t win every year, guys. Actually, come to think of it, since 2000, you can’t win any year. (Insert rimshot here.)

* You might have noticed in my profile that the phrase “Schiffres, 43” has been replaced with “Schiffres, 44.” Alas, I returned from Cape Cod a year older than when I left. (My birthday was last Monday). The silver lining, though, is this: My age is now the same as the jersey number of legitimate home run king Hank Aaron.



Blogger Jeremy Blaber said...

FYI- The reason the lawn signs are out is because certian candidates are involved in primary elections. The primary elections are only a month away.

August 28, 2007 at 1:49 AM 

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